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Excel Chart


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Apr 6, 2011
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I've got a simple chart that charts a dollar value for each year for the past year. Included on this chart is a regression line. Obviously i can view this chart fine from within Excel and forward the file off and others can view it with no problems from their workstation.

If someone opens up the same file (from an email attachment) from the ipad, the regression line is gone and it just shows the line for dollars for each year. For some reason the iPad isn't able to figure something out and omits the other line.

I can see the data from the other tabs.

A limitation? Do you suggest a different application to open it up with? We've tried goodreader and FileApp but they show the same thing...only 1 line.



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Other apps to try...office2 HD, numbers, docs to go...unfortunately none are free. Once installed. Goto to file in goodreader and hold finger on excel file then pop up should ask to "open in" then choose your compatible app.
I had seen Office2 HD earlier. We purchased the app but the graph isn't viewable. It appears that there isn't graph support? Cool application will keep it, but it doesn't resolve the issue we are having.

I think when it comes to graphs, the user will have to print the Excel worksheet to a pdf and then email it out for our iPad users....only if there is a graph.

I really don't see too much online in regards to view Excel files using the iPad.

We'll continue to see if we can find out why...maybe just an issue with regression lines....



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