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Erase all content and settings?


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May 11, 2010
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woops i think ive done something wrong here. Ive formatted my pc and then did a Erase all content and settings on the Ipad. Now all my ipad apps movies and games have gone from the ipad and itunes on my PC now that ive put itunes back on. Should i have backed up on CD 1st be for doing this or is there a way to get them back with out buying again?. Also ive been into the view account in itunes on my PC and when i go into purchased history it brings up a list of what i have brought or downloaded for free are not actualy in the itunes its just the purchase history. But with having the purchase history is there away of getting the things i have brought back?. One good thing its only £15 ive lost if i carnt get them back.



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Apr 27, 2010
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You can redownload apps and books as much as necessary, so that isn't a problem. However, the same isn't true for songs, if you try to download again, it will make you purchase again, very frustrating when you lose things accidentally. Have learned to back up my iTunes media folder at least weekly.

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