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EmuROMs help

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Oct 23, 2011
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Ok my last thread got closed because the mod misunderstood..

I wasn't asking how to get roms, I was asking about that specific app in Cydia.

I was just asking if I'm suppose to already have the roms on the iPad for that app to be effective.
Actually, this mod understood perfectly well.

EmuROMs is NOT an emulator. It is a tool used to download (source) ROMS for various Emulators. Whether some are legal or not is not the issue. Let me remind you of our rules:

ROMS for nintendo, playstation and all other emulators are at best a grey area and therefore fall under the same category as piracy on these forums. No discussion on sourcing ROMS for emulators will be tolerated, although discussions about the emulators themselves is acceptable.

You will not get any assistance with this app as it allows you to source ROMS. OK?
I appreciate you may not understand how the app works, so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The worst thing to do however is start another thread. You should have PM'd a member of staff to clarify whether a mistake has been made. Again, this is covered in our main rules. I would suggest a quick re-read. Both sets of rules are linked in my sig. Thanks for your understanding.

This subject is once again /CLOSED
Not open for further replies.

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