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Email problems with latest IOS upgrade IPAD2


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Apr 4, 2011
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i had 2 gmail accounts listed in the Settings/Mail/ screen.
When I select one of the accounts, I see the normal Pop account information, Incoming Mail Server etc. Selecting Advanced shows "Delete from Server" etc

After upgrading the software on the Ipad I now have another 2 duplicate entries for Email accounts. The new entries function slightly differently to my originals as follows:

When I go to Settings/Mail and tap one of the new email account entries I see a screen with Account, Mail, Calendar, Notes and an Archive Messages box.

If I go to the account box and tap that one, I seethe normal Pop account information as before, but on selecting the Advanced option I now see a box called "IMAP Path Prefix" in place of the previous "Delete from Server" box.

Can anyone explain whats going on?

Can I simply delete the 2 new duplicate Gmail account entries?

All my accounts are Pop, I do not want any IMAP accounts, don't understand the IMAP Path Prefix entry.

I also do not want to archive any messages

Thanks Michael


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Jan 8, 2011
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Milton-Freewater, OR
Shouldn't be any problem deleting the unused account types. It is more likely to cause problems if you leave them. Worst case, just delete them all then add the accounts again.

Since you are using POP, make sure you've dealt with any email downloaded to the iPad first. I don't know if you've got it set to leave mail on the server or move it to the iPad, but if it is the second you'll lose it when the account is deleted.

IMAP is dead simple to figure out. Just assume that every thing is on the server, and that every thing you do on the iPad or computer happens there too. When it is working right the account will look the same on every device (after a few seconds to update). There are exceptions, but that is the core of it.

Though when it comes to GMail, I much prefer to set it up as an Exchange account. More versatile.

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