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Email locked up

Ken M.

iPF Noob
Mar 8, 2012
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Does anyone know what to do when your email locks up on an iPad two?


Staff member
Sep 11, 2011
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Michigan. USA
Hi ken,

Have you tried to do the following?

Do the first 2 steps first. Save step 3 as a last resort.

1. Force the app to close?
2. Try to restart your iPad?
3. Try to do a soft reset?

You can try this in order, if an app becomes funky.

Force the app to quit by pushing the home button twice to bring up your multi-task bar. This will show all the apps that you have visited. By long pressing the app in question, it will begin to jiggle-press the red circle with the negative sign on the app. It will only quit the app and not delete. Than try to re-open the app and test out.

If that doesn't work, restart the iPad by pressing the power switch down to power off.

Third is to do a soft reset by holding the power switch and home button together until you see the apple logo. Hope that helps!

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