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Email (AppleID) not changed everywhere?


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Jul 30, 2012
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I recently changed my Apple ID's email (and, consequently, the Apple ID itself), but I have the feeling that it didn't get updated everywhere. Namely, two apps -- Messages and FaceTime (which I only tried on the first day, and never used again) -- still have the old email/AppleID "hard-coded" in the login field. Is there any way to delete/change that? If I delete it from the field, it'll just come back in the next session. And if I want to log in, I only get prompted for the password (as the username is already filled with the old email/ID).
Also, just a few days after changing the email, I received a newsletter from Apple, sent to the old email. Go figure. :p
So far all other instances seem to have been updated properly. :)

(I was going to email Apple support for this, but I can't seem to find the right form on their website anymore; although I clearly remember that a couple of weeks ago, if the issue wasn't listed there, you were directed to a form which would in turn be emailed to them, and a real person :D responded to that.)

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