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Education Game MarcoPolo Ocean Goes Free as Apple’s App of the Week


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Apple has updated its App of the Week promotion in iTunes, and this week’s selection is MarcoPolo Ocean. The game is highly rated in the kids-education category and it's going to be free from now through next Thursday.

The game was previously available for $2.99 but now you can get it completely for free. MarcoPolo Ocean is basically a digital sandbox where kids are encouraged to do things like explore the deep sea, build a coral reef, and much more. It also comes with animations and playful narration which help reinforce vocabulary, ocean concepts and other attributes. Here's what the App Store Editors had to say about it:

"Children will love discovering the sea with this fun interactive playset. As kids complete the colorful animated puzzles, they’ll learn about the amazing marine creatures and vehicles populating a delightfully bustling ocean. Young divers can explore the depths in surprising ways—even making dolphins jump for joy. Complete the parental tips for continuing the experience through books, activities, and discussion, it’s an engaging intro to the wonders beneath the waves."

MarcoPolo Ocean has a rating of 4.5 stars on nearly 400 reviews in iTunes, and you can download it by following the link at the end for both iPhone and iPad users. It comes with a size of 202 MB and is available in the following languages: English, Arabic, French, German, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish

Source: iTunes

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