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Easy to Use Voice Recorder App


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Aug 31, 2012
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Kansas, USA
I've been in and out of the hospital recently and I'm looking for an easy to use Voice Recorder app for my iPad 4. I would like to record Dr visits and then be able to get the recordings off of my iPad to share with my family members. While in the hospital I installed QuickVoice Pro thinking I could simply email the file but soon found out it was too big.

I like the simplicity of QuickVoice but I need an app to easily offload my recordings. There are so many in the App store to choose from and some are pay so it's not like you can try them all out. I use Dropbox but not sure if any voice recorder apps use it or how that would even work with audio files. Any suggestions?

Another side question but I took my mom's iPhone 5 with me to my last Dr appt. and used the default voice memo app. I set it to record my visit but can't figure out how to listen to it everytime I tap on "Done" it just "Pauses" it?
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