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Do you like Hidden Object Games? Check out Pictago!


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Feb 19, 2013
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We are an indie game company, indiePub, and we just released a great and innovative Hidden Object game called Pictago!

Set up scenes, snap what you see or choose any image in your Photo Gallery and then turn them into hidden object games using Pictago’s simple touch-and-drag tagging system. You can then send your friends the games you created with Pictago to see who can find all the items fastest!

We also have a World Feed of regularly updates games by users, so you will always have fresh content to play.

mzl.cqhrquzl.320x480-75.jpg mzl.irwqannq.320x480-75.jpg

We recently updated with a bunch of awesome new features. We now have a Leaderboard (beat your friend's time!), a quick-play mode (for playing on the go), Facebook Album imports, and a 'Tag-Back' feature (re-tag a friend's game and send it back!)

The app is free (and world-wide!) Please check out Pictago! :)


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