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Disappearing images ---are they on iCloud and if so I do I get to them?


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Nov 29, 2015
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I transferred a few images from my Mac computer, played with them in Waterlogue and Colorama on my new mini iPad 2, then opened them in Photoshop on my Mac for some additional enhancement.

When I saved the first one (giving it a different title) it looked like it was saving it to the folder from where I opened the original image (the iPhoto folder.) But it isn't there. I saved one smaller version in a folder I use for photos I post online and it is there, but I want to find the larger version. (Gees! ---I worked on that image for 2 hours, hate to have to start over.)

After working in Photoshop on a second photo I enhanced in Waterlogue on the iPad, it again looked like it would save to that folder from which I opened it and the other image I saved seems to be there (but I saved the 2nd photo elsewhere, afraid I wouldn't be able to find it later.)

I've searched for the folder name (a bunch of numbers) and by the new title I gave the images, but all I can find is the one very small version in my folder for images to post online. Yet when I try to save other images the larger version of the first image is in that folder I can't find.

I'm guessing that that folder with a bunch of numbers for the title might be the iCloud. How do I get to it and how do I find the image by the title or the title of the folder? I've been using Photoshop for more than 25 years and use it for hours every day. I'm not new to this, but I'm clueless as to where the image went and how to find it.

J. A.

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Nov 11, 2012
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Apetlon, Austria
If you save a photo on your iPad, and the app you used is allowed to access the Photos app, you'll find it there.

Maybe you saved it to iCloud Drive. The app looks like this:

It could be in a folder in the app.

If the images were saved to iCloud, they'll also be visible in your Photos app. It's possible to access your pictures online as well, in www.icloud.com, but the images you'll find there will be the same ones that are on your iPad.

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