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  1. ladymindful

    View iCloud

    Hello, I have tried and failed to view what is stored on my iCloud. I get lost trying to follow the directions I find on the internet. Can anyone explain to me in simple terms just what I need to do. Thanks in advance.
  2. A

    A query regarding App Store on iPad Pro and other Apple devices

    Hi all, I am active here since couple of months. I possess iPad Pro 10.5 which replaced my old iPad mini 2. iPad mini I passed to my daughter who is using it for fun like coloring, playing games and watching videos. I wanted some special apps to be for my use and those are on my iPad Pro and...
  3. M

    Apple Apologises for iCloud Email Mistake

    9to5 Mac reports that Apple has apologised for various iCloud plans disappearing last week, as well as emails that were erroneously sent out by Apple to customers telling them that their 50GB or 100GB iCloud plans had been discontinued. In an email apologising for the incident that was sent to...
  4. M

    Import files from iCloud Drive in Notability

    Hi, I have course material in my iCloud drive that I would like to annotate on my iPad Pro in Notability. These are mostly docx, pptx and PDF files. However, I can't find how to import these files in the app. The import drop-down shows Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc but not iCloud, although...
  5. Bob Hawkins

    iCloud data use

    My wife has been advised on her iPad mini running iOS 9.3.4 she has 200MB remaining on her 5GB iCloud account. Her iPad mini is her sole Apple device, which she has had for about three and a half years. 1. She was unaware she had an iCloud account. I can only assume it was created at some...
  6. M

    Apple Looking to Increase iCloud Encryption

    According to a new report from The Wall Street Journal, via MacRumors, Apple is looking to further increase iCloud security to ensure that even Apple itself won’t be able to gain access to user information that it has stored on its servers. The sources familiar with Apple’s plans say that Apple...
  7. Simmer

    I did try searching - I'm sure this is not a new issue

    10 days ago after I kept putting off the iOS upgrade it started on its own with a very low battery. I was told after my iPad died that it was not cost effective to fix this fried chip. He then explained that an iPad that is shut down (or loses power) during an upgrade almost always dies. Seems...
  8. C

    Disappearing images ---are they on iCloud and if so I do I get to them?

    I transferred a few images from my Mac computer, played with them in Waterlogue and Colorama on my new mini iPad 2, then opened them in Photoshop on my Mac for some additional enhancement. When I saved the first one (giving it a different title) it looked like it was saving it to the folder...
  9. T

    Backup Could Not Be Completed on iCloud

    I installed the latest iOS last night, and it was a nightmare. I've never had problems with an update before, but this one made up for it. It kept turning on and shutting itself off, over and over. Finally I had an online chat with Apple support. I had to do a complete restore. This morning...
  10. F

    ICloud Terms and Conditions: Cannot connect to server

    I want to be able to get rid of the pop up message permanently. But, I am unable to view or accept the new Terms and Conditions on my Ipad. This means I cannot get rid of the constant pop up messages. I have tried to no avial: 1. Allowing safari cookies and pop ups 2. Downloading find my...