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Desk Stand


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Apr 25, 2010
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I am looking for an nice ipad desk stand to sit next to my apple monitor i have the new 24". i want something cool and nice as to i have a very nice office. Please recommend some nice sites.

thank you
I am using a stand called iPad recliner from lap works and I love it. It will adjust to about any angle and very well made. A little pricey at $44.95 but I think it is on sale now.
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This is probably not what you are looking for but I use a decorative plate stand which can support mine in both modes alongside my monitor.

Remember you will need good back support for your pad as you will find yourself leaning forward to tap it which can at times be harder than a handheld tap. For me it holds the iPad nearly vertically and it's high enough to work with the connector in.

You can find them in a wide variety of materials. From acrylic to wood and metal, and they are relatively cheap and self effacing.
TwelveSouth Compass Stand for iPad

I'm using the Compass Mobile Stand for iPad made by TwelveSouth.
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I just got the Griffin Loop. Nice simple design, weighted, and works with my Speck Pixelskin.

Ok fantom when you've made your choice be sure to tell us which one you chose and post a picture here.
I also got the Griffin Loop. It is a very nice stand and isn't too heavy or bulky so, i can carry it in my laptop bag.

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