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Deleting photos


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Dec 21, 2011
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West Yorkshire, UK
I know how to turn off Photo stream but when I turn it back on, all the photos are still there.

Is it possible to permanently delete the stored photos as on the photo roll?
It is if you are on iOS 5.1

Any lower than 5.1 then no, you cannot delete from Photo Stream
You can delete the entire Photo Stream from the icloud.com site.

  • Log into iCloud.com in a computer browser (reasonably modern).
  • While viewing the main page (the application icons) click on your user name at the top right.
  • Choose Advanced
  • Reset Photo Stream
  • And confirm.

You may have to turn Photo Stream off then back on in the iCloud settings on the iPad before it clears on the device.
I see, I should read the question better! OP wants to delete all photos, not select photos, oops!
No big.

Besides, if there are only a few photos directly deleting them would probably be faster; if you are on iOS 5.1.

Just covering the bases.

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