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Default email and folder settings keep reverting


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Aug 18, 2012
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On both my iPad and iPhone, using IOS 5.1.1, two settings keep getting reset to defaults without any action on my part. They are the default mail account, and the folders to sync in my Exchange email account.

I set my device's default email account to Exchange. I set that account to push the inbox and 21 folders. Every now and again, someone will respond to my me.com account, which means the email I sent from my device went out on that account rather than my Exchange account. When I check my settings, sure enough, the default has been changed to my me.com account. I reset it to Exchange and then look at my Exchange settings. Sure enough, when I look at my push setting, it states only Inbox, and none of the other folders are checked. So, I have to fix this.

Does anyone know why this is happening? Any ideas on making these settings stick?

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