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May 16, 2010
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New to site and have questions about purchasing an ipad. What can I do with the wifi and 3G 16 GB vs the one with 32GB?
The sole difference between 16GB and 32GB is more storage space, and you have to have some idea of your usage patterns to determine how much you'll need - will you store a lot of files, pictures, videos and music, run tons of apps.

The 3G question is more about accessibility - if you have HotSpot access points where you are most of the time, skip it. If you're using it while mobile - walking, in a car - or in remote areas, 3G can be handy.

If you don't know any of this, my motto is "when in doubt, max it out." Get the 3G with the most storage space you can afford, to cover all the bases. If you discover you need 3G later, you're screwed. If you discover you need more space down the line, there are workarounds...
I'll answer the other part. Wi-Fi mean's you're connected to a wireless network (coffee shop, home or work etc.) to get on the internet, its usually a little box with an antenna on it and has a short range.

The 3G version can connect to any cellular tower (like a mobile phone) and connect to the internet that way and has long range.

I bought the 3G version because I thought maybe I could use it occasionally. The 3G has a SIM card, similar to your mobile phone and needs contract - but you can activate the contract (unlike your mobile phone) and cancel any time.

The 3G is also the only version that can do accurate GPS on the road away from a fixed Wi-Fi network.

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