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Custom theme for lockscreen - numbers not aligned - cannot enter PIN correctly


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Oct 21, 2012
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SOLVED Custom theme for lockscreen - numbers not aligned - cannot enter PIN correctly


My very first post here and unfortunately not a happy one :D.

I decided to download a custom theme for a first time for my 2 days jailbroken iPad 1st gen. It went all, checked everything at Winterboard and respringed. But then came the lockscreen. Unfortunately I found that the numbers were not aligned, I press the number I see on the screen and nothing happens. I press somewhere outside the visible numberpad and I can see numbers being entered in the PIN-box. So obviously this makes it impossible for me to enter my PIN to enter the iPad. I've not yet completely locked my iPad with false PIN's so I could propably get around this if I'm able to remove the stupid lockscreen-theme somehow.

Is there any way to restore the default lockscreen from via PC or something, or do I have to restore my iPad to the state I have the latest got a backup of it, being just before I began jailbreaking? It will be then a big pain to reinstall all of the neat tweaks and apps I've downloaded & purchased, but better than to screw around with non-accessible iPad.

Quick replies appreciated!


EDIT Now was just about to go to sleep and call it a day, looking for replies tomorrow. But then decided anyway to give it a one last try, and somehow I did indeed manage to blindly get the numbers correctly. So no problems anymore. Will be disabling PIN though next time (if there will be after this traumatizing encounter :D) when installing theme.
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Oct 25, 2011
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Greetings! You may need to try booting up into "safe mode". There is a thread in the "hacking" section that tells how to get into "safe mode". You turn off your device then turn it back on. While it is booting up hold the Up Volume button. From there you will be in "safe mode" and none of the tweaks will be loaded. You should be able to switch themes, or at least turn off the Passcode Lock. - Good Luck.

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