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Creating Albums in iCloud Photo Library


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Sep 25, 2015
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I'd like to upload all my photos- from both my iPad & my Windows 7, which also has iCloud installed, to iCloud Photo Library. The thing is, I read somewhere that these photos would only be viewable in Moments, Collections, & Years.

I would prefer to view them by Album- it's more organized for me. Is this possible?

I would *assume* (if I can create Albums in Library) that it makes more sense to create the albums first, then put the photos into them.
On another note, a question: when I do an iCloud backup from my iPad, does it back up the content of iCloud on my Windows laptop, too, or is that a separate process?

Thank you all!!
If you wish to get a backup saved to your computer, you'll have to do this via iTunes. With a backup to iCloud, your computer isn't involved.
For more information, see here:
About backups in iCloud and iTunes - Apple Support
and here:
How to back up your devices using iCloud or iTunes - Apple Support

On your iPad, the photos you save to iCloud's Photo Library will be visible in two tabs: Photos and Albums. In Photos, you'll see them in Moments, Collections and Years. In Albums view, you'll find different albums. The default ones are "All Photos" and "Recently Deleted". If you mark a photo as your favorite, then you'll find a Favorites folder/album, and depending on your images, there can also be a Screenshots and a Panoramic album.

It's possible to create albums in the Albums tab as well. It's important to know that the images you save to an album you created are just sort of a link to the original in the All Photos album. If you remove an image from All Photos, it will also disappear from the album you created.

Another important fact: iCloud Photo Library syncs between devices. It's not (yet?) meant for storing photos. If you remove an image from iCloud Photo Library, it will also be removed everywhere else.
Thank you, J.A.!

BTW, the photos I have taken with my iPad, *just since I installed iCloud on my Windows machine* show up on it in "Libraries->Pictures" in a folder named "iCloud Photos." There are 4 sub-folders- Downloads, Shared, Sharing & Uploads.

I have a lot more photos taken previously.
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