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Creating Photo Album Subfolders


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Sep 25, 2015
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I'm traveling around Cambodia just now, and I make separate photo albums, one for each new place I visit.

I would like to make one album, title it 'Cambodia,' and put all the different photo albums of the places I've visited inside the Cambodia album/folder. Then they would be subfolders.

So, I created the Cambodia album, but I couldn't put any albums in it. I tapped 'edit,' and tried to move the intended-to-be subfolders into the Cambodia album by moving them on top of it, but when I did that, the Cambodia album moved away, to the left or right.

Then I opened the empty Cambodia album and tried to create subfolders within it, without success (I did that thinking if I could create subfolders, I could then select the photos from, say, Angkor Wat album and add them to the subfolder).

Does anybody know how I can do this? It seems so simple, and I imagine it is when you know how... :)

Thank You

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