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Convert Videos To Ipad Format- Free Program??


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Aug 31, 2010
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:ipad-movie: Hey, im new to this site, been lurking for two days, first time posting and im very into my ipad. i think its a pretty sick device. a few more additions and changes and i think this can be almost at level with a laptop but I've been doing fine since my laptops died since I have a family mac at home and the ipad is great for browsing.

Only thing missing is some really good business programs, especially for ebay and a heady music program like ableton where you can make complete song set ups, tho i really enjoy electribe and thumb jam.

anyway to the topic of this thread- Just wondering if anyone knows of any solid programs that can convert all kinds of video to Ipad format and also that doesn't mess up the idea after a few minutes which is what i notice happens with a lot of programs. an example being that after 5 minutes into a tv show on some programs after converting the audio will go out of synch with the video. n e way, if you know any good programs please let me know cause it would be nice if i can put all kinds of video onto my ipad and i think the screen makes for good viewing and is enjoyable for watching shows.

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gotta be handbrake - all platforms

I would post a link, but I'm a noob and not permitted to do so. google search handbrake.
tested for a sec with true blood on my ipad, looks really good!
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