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Slow Playing Videos (iPad3): Why ?


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Sep 20, 2011
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Have transferred some Videos to the iPad3.

The videos were originally taken from my camera which was set to a high resolution such that the saved format was not compatible with ones that the iPad would accept.

So, first used Any Video Converter to convert them to the .mp4 format which the iPad will accept.
Then, used the Photo Sync APP to get them over.

Works fine, but the videos play on the iPad at about 1/2 their normal speed ?

The Any Video Converter program I used has a viewing screen where you can see the converted video, and it plays in that at the correct speed. Looks like it should.

So, a logical conclusion might be that it is something incorrect in the iPad3 ?

BTW: what is the correct frame rate for these kind of videos; 25 fps, or...?

Any thoughts on all of this would be appreciated,

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