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Contacts keep disappearing-& how to import from main computor?


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Apr 14, 2011
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My contacts (addresses) keep wiping out of the contacts book, disappearing. Also how do you import or transfer all of them from main comp. to ipad2 contacts????? 3 times it has happened !!!!!! Getting p/od !!!!!!

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Figured it out---with iTunes open and iPad hooked up select the iPad from the devices on the left column---go to the info tab at top and select "sync contacts" select all contacts or groups. Than hit sync at bottom rh and it should restore all.
Now we will watch and see if contacts stay.

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No I don't and honestly never heard of it. I messed around w/ push and fetch on iPad 2, changed iCloud to fetch and went to main comp, and low and behold the contacts were there when I opened it up. Only the cyber gods know !!!! ?

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Thanks for tip about "Plano" downloaded and installed easily-works very good!!!!

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CONTACTS STILL DISAPPEAR FROM ICLOUD'S CONTACTS---I can't figure out how to get them into iCloud-I now have them in my apple address book.
Help please--
The problem has something to do with iCloud on ipad2-Push & Fetch-I was now able to get the contacts into my iCloud on macro work station, but I don't know how long they will stay, especially after I start deleting duplicates.

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