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Connot connect to YouTube


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Sep 13, 2012
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Every time I try to watch YouTube on my iPad says Connot connect to YouTube after I jail broken the iPad.... Help I want to watch videos on YouTube how can I fix this?
Rebooting may help
Or your Internet connection is sometimes off, I suggest rebooting your iPad first, for this is the number 1 thing to do when having iPad problems. But I also suggest you close some of your apps and delete unwanted photos or videos for this may make the iPad run faster and not have so many problems, and check your Internet connection.
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I did get that message for the first time the other day on you tube, I was called away and when I came back to it, it had loaded by itself....I wondered then if it was a connection issue and it just takes time. This was through the app, how are you trying to access? Have you tried closing your app, restart/reset....these are the first steps to take when you have a problem.

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