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Computer link necessary?


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Jul 14, 2010
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I bought my iPad for specific on-the-road purposes: internet access and downloadable high resolution topo maps for off-roading away from home. "Topo for iPad" seems to work just fine.

Since I use Yahoo Mail, the files are not stored on the machine. So no backup required. Same with Topo. I appear to need no backup, so is there any good reason to link up with my PC? I prefer to keep it stand-alone if possible -- Keep It Simple.
if you purchase any music or movies on itunes you will want to connect to a PC to back those up, apple doesnt let you download them again like they do with iphone/ipad apps.

also when ever apple updates the firmware you must connect to a computer to update.

ipad backups to PC also keep all your app info and data so if you have to restore the ipad for some reason in the future it will load all of your apps and app data.

Also is good to have backup copies of your apps on the PC. apple tends to pull apps off the app store without notice and your out of luck if you dont have a copy of it. Also if the person that made the app stops paying apple every year the apps will disappear from the apple store.
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Makes sense. I think I could work around all of those that applied to me, but it sounds like a pc partnership would be a good idea.

I have no idea how to do it, but I'll read up on it. Thanx
If You Open Your iBook App

You can download the free Ipad Manual. Once you have it in iBooks you can read it like a book.
I suspect you can get away with minimal syncing/backup if you want.

Apple isn't quite ready to cut the umbilical but Steve did say in his D8 interview that they were looking into wireless syncing. Expect it will come with the next model.

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