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Check Out The 60beat Dual Analog Gamepad For iOS


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Jun 7, 2010
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With ever more sophisticated games being developed for the iOS platform, I’m sure that lots of gamers are still hankering after a little more physical control of their devices. Well according to this report today on MacRumors, a company called 60beat may well have come up with a viable solution with its 60beat GamePad, which actually boasts the Holy Grail of dual analog sticks as well as other directional controls and buttons which will be familiar to console gamers. There’s no need to use Bluetooth to connect the joypad to your iOS device either, as it actually connects directly via the headphone jack. The one major fly in the ointment with what otherwise looks like a great idea is the fact that games must be specifically programmed to work with the joypad, and so far only two games are actually compatible, but the makers say that they will be adding a “full collection†of games in February 2012. It would be great if Apple would actually release something official like this that would be compatible with all iOS games.

The 60beat GamePad costs $49.99 to buy. Click here to order: 60beat

Source: 60beat Gamepad for iOS Offers Dual Analog Joysticks - Mac Rumors
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