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Changing APN setting on iPad with 4.2.1

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Dec 11, 2010
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I’m in the USA with AT&T. I have an ( iPhone 2G with AT&T ) & (iPad WiFi + 3G & NOT JAILBROKEN). Yes the iPhone is “original iPhone†BUT all 2G iPhones have AT&T UNLIMITED data plan.

When the iPad 3G came out, if you wanted 3G connections when there was no WiFi available, AT&T charged $$$ for a month-by-month iPad 3G DATA plan. There WAS a way around this iPad $$$ data charge by swapping your iPhone SIM card and putting it in the iPad ( IF ) your iPad was still on OS 3.2.x.

With AT&T, the iPhone APN name is “phone†& the iPad APN name is “broadbandâ€. If you removed the SIM card from the iPhone 2G & cut it down to the iPad “mini-size†(google to see see how easy), put it into the iPad SIM tray then go to settings > cellular data, and change the iPad APN name FROM “broadband†TO “phone†then restart and you now had UNLIMITED 3G data on your iPAD.

BUT - “No good deed goes unpunished†!!!

When Apple updated the iPAD to OS 4.2.1 they “hid and/or removed access†to the iPAD’s APN setting thereby making it impossible to change APN names on the iPAD.
There a many methods to access the “hidden†APN settings on an iPHONE - but does anyone know a method now to access the “hidden†APN setting on an iPAD running 4.2.1????
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