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Can't sign into the Cloud


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May 14, 2012
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Perth West Australia
Hi there

Recently I purchased a mini ipad, (an addition to my older iPad 2) and attempted to link this mini pad with iTunes via my desktop PC running Windows 10 without destroying my existing account or loosing data.

To cut to the chase......12 different password retrievals were made trying to overcome this problem.

On each occasion iTunes refused to accept my password associated with my existing gmail address. Eventually after 2 days of labours, and with a NEW (hotmail) email address and password all seemed to be fixed ..But, and there is always a but.

Now, when I try to log onto the Cloud from within iTunes I get that small white pop-up box:

Sign into the Cloud....
Enter the Password for your Apple ID
[email protected],

Followed by the option of either "Cancel or OK".

The problem is, I now no longer have a gmail password to logon, it is now an hotmail email address and the password that I have assigned to it:[email protected]. Also I can no longer backup to the Cloud from iTunes either.

So how can I get rid of this gmail request and substitute it with the now hotmail account and associated password and sign into the Cloud?.

Any advice welcome and, please, baby steps as I am not too familiar with Apple products.


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