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Can I synch new ipad2 with old itunes account?


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Aug 10, 2011
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Hi some time ago I was a regular iPod user but I have not used my old iTunes account for several years. Presumably because I have spent a lot of time in Turkey the software refused to let me download anything there as I must be doing something fraudulent as my a/c was registered in the UK. As a consequence I have not used the iPod much as I was not best pleased. Having now got an Ipad2-which I registered on a new account-I would like to synch it with my pc. The pc iTunes thinks I want to reg the iPad first- I can't see how I can simply log in with my iPad account. Also I would like to synch the pad with the old iTunes a/c so that I can transfer my library. Until I can synch with pc it seems that I cannot synch my gmail address onto my iPad. Er if anyone has any useful tips I would be sooo grateful. Thanks.
if you have 2 iTunes account, authorize both on your pc, but try to use only 1, if the second iTunes account don't have any paid apps or music etc etc, try to use the first one only.
Hi Poser, thanks for the reply. I have now synched with my pc but in trying to download a big update the connection keeps timing out and annoyingly it keeps restarting from the beginning of the update and not from when it timed out. Is this a known prob? Any ideas round this?
I should add that I disabled a/v and firewall and have no other problems downloading with this or any other device connected to my home network-even with long downloads; this one should take about 43 mins it tells me. At 1 stage I was apparently 8 secs from completion and then it just stopped.

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