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Can I print to my HP F300 all-in-one if it is connected via USB to my pc?


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Dec 8, 2010
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So.Can I print to my hp printer if it doesn't have wireless?The printer is connected via USB to my PC which is on the same network as my iPad.

If I can, which apps should I get?or does it work directly with AirPrint?

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Normally I would recommend PrintCentral, but it has been missing from the app store for the last few days. EuroSmartz has said, according to one of our forum members, that it is waiting on Apple to post the update.

If you can't wait, two other apps by EuroSmartz, Print n Share and Print will probably work just as well. I don't know how all the features and price compare. You will need to download the computer side program, since your printer isn't Wifi. Instructions can be found on their site, links to site found in iTunes on the app pages.
As the previous poster suggested, 'Print N Share' can print directly to most (but not all) wireless printers and to all printers that are connected to a PC if that PC has WiFi. To do this, you install a separate (free) program on your PC called 'WePrint' that can be downloaded from the company's website. This program connects wirelessly to your iPad when you try to print and routes the printing over your PC's network to the printer. It 'translates' the AirPrint protocol used by the iPad into a form that your printer 'understands'. One advantage of Print N Share over some other third-party printing apps is that it cleverly inserts itself into the print menu of iPad apps that support printing and 'appears' to be an AirPrint printer thus allowing seemless printing.

As you're probably aware, not all iPad apps support in-app printing. So, for example, while Apple's 'Pages' (MS Word) app does support in-app AirPrint printing, its native calendar app does not.

If you do decide to go the Print N Share route you could search on this Forum for members who have used this app. The company used to market a similar (identical?) app called PrintCentral (I have this) until very recently and, for reasons that no one seems to know why, it's 'disappeared' from the app store. Print N Share seems to be identical in every respect. So it would be better to search the Forum, using the Search button near the top of the web page, for PrintCentral to find members' experiences with using this app.


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