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Calendar events

Settings on icloud site is exactly the same as on my devices. Strange huh?
Well, it indicates that the problem is probably on the Mac to iCloud portion of the sync, instead of a fault of the iPad itself. It narrows the search down a bit.

To confirm that, you could create a test event on icloud.com and see what it does on the iPad and Mac.

I'm still at a complete loss as to what is causing the problem.
Hmmm. It appears there is a Time Zone support option on icloud.com as well. It's under the settings icon (lower left), Preferences, and the Advanced tab. Might as well check all those settings as well.

The Time Zone setting itself is found by clicking your name at the upper right.
I saw that there wa a setting on icloud website, and made sure that the time zone support there was also off. So now, time zone support is turned off everywhere and on all devices.

I created a full day event on icloud.com website, and it synced correctly to the mac and laptop. But, came out as a two day event on the ipad again.

That makes me think the fault must be somewhere on the ipad?

Is it possible that the reminder option (set for 9 am one day before), might have an effect on this? What makes me also doubt this, is that it is set the same on laptop and imac and ipad, and all syncs correctly, except for ipad.

Oh yes, iphone has exactly the same problem as ipad. Maybe an ios fault then, as the problem is the same on ipad and iphone?
Since it's the iPad and iPhone, and the calendars in question are all iCloud calendars, give this a try.

Go into the iCloud settings and turn off your Calendar syncing. Tell it to delete the calendars from the local devices when it asks. This won't cause problems, because all the data is still in iCloud, not lost.

Go to the Calendar app and make sure the calendars are all gone. Restart the iPad, just to be on the safe side.

Now go back into the iCloud settings and turn your calendars back on.

Look, see what happened. Make some more tests, and see what happens.

Another thing you can try is Reset All Settings under Settings > General > Reset.

This will not delete any information or account settings. It will default many other settings, making it necessary to re-tweak things like wallpaper, sounds settings, and others. But it often clears up settings related problems that seem stuck, or unfindable.

The process looks a bit scary; because it looks a lot like you are restoring the iPad. Just make sure you don't choose Erase All Content and Settings, because that will restore the iPad and delete all your stuff.
Thanks, I will try both and post here again. In SA it is now 23:47, so I better get to bed for a change. Work tomorrow and all. Will do it tomorrow.

And then there is the Apple U2 Bono show tomorrow night at 19:00 as well?

Thanks for all the help so far guys.
Oh, did they? Sorry - didn't see it.

Well, would they have confirmed anyway even if they were to appear?
It was never more than a far fetched rumor; but no, if they were to appear they probably wouldn't have said anything. Then again, they might not have bothered to say anything in either case.

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