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Boxee seeks iPad and iPhone app developer - from EnGadget


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Mar 21, 2010
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Marietta, GA - USA
Boxee seeks iPad and iPhone app developer, bigger slice of Apple pie

from Engadget by Vladislav Savov

Hey there, got any Objective-C experience and a desire to help out a budding young company? You'll wanna hit that source link right quick, as Boxee is presently on the search for a Lead iPad and iPhone App Developer who will be responsible for starting the company's Mobile Applications team. It's no secret that Boxee is keen to get its media streaming software out on any and all hardware possible, and iPhone OS presents the company with an ever-expanding audience for its wares. Additional job requirements include a minimum of a year's professional development experience and that you'll have previously developed an app for the iPhone, though that last bit's not exactly a high hurdle to overcome. We like the added note that Android dev experience is "a plus," which suggests to us that the Mobile Apps team will eventually be spreading its wings beyond Apple's mobile OS as well.

Hey do you have Boxee on your computer, do you like it for streaming TV around the house?
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