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BoardBox ~ realistic, true-to-life board games on iPad.


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Mar 25, 2010
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Toronto, Ontario
Since Apple’s iPad announcement, Movile Inc. has been focusing hard on making the best game for the new platform that we possibly could. Realism, depth, and interaction were our goals, and we'll let you judge how you think we did.

We are overjoyed to finally announce our latest title,


BoardBox is set to be the most graphically rich and realistic looking board game set on iPad.

With dozens of features and true-to-life visuals, BoardBox is the only board game you will need on your iPad! Grab a friend and play a game of Chess, Checkers, or Reversi. Turn off the rules and make up your own! Play with a friend around the world via email!

And the list goes on….

- 15 board games, including:
....……Tic Tac Toe
......……International Draughts
........……Westernized Xiangqi
.........……plus 5 Chess and 2 Go variants!

- Email multiplayer
- 3 unique board styles: Mahogany, Granite, and Old School
- Rules and Game History provided by Wikipedia
- and MUCH more!

Included in our plans for future releases are feature updates, tons of new games, and continuing to elevate BoardBox to be the ultimate board game application on your iPad. And best of all: future updates will be 100% free! No in-app purchase content. We simply make it; you get it. FREE.

Best of all is the price: just $3.99 on launch day! Compare that to a set of travel games for $29.95 and you’ll see the value right away. Plus, it might be a little hard to shove those little plastic pieces in an email to play with your friend on the other side of the world. Or save your game for next time. Or look up the rules without carrying around a book. Or … well, I think you get the idea.

BoardBox for iPad.


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