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Best photo organizer App?

Only photos in the Saved Pictures, Import, or Camera Roll folders can be deleted. All other albums are synced with a folder on the computer. To remove pictures, go to those folders and remove them, then sync again.

This kind of limitation is one of the thing I hate from using Apple Devices and iTunes.
What's the point of having mobile device if you need to connect and sync them over and over again to a laptop/pc only to remove unwanted things from it.
You don't. You only need to use iTunes to remove photo albums if you used it to add them.

Otherwise use a different solution to add and view photos. There are several, many with better album features than the Photos app.

There are features that are difficult to get without iTunes, yes, but you do not have to use it. There is almost always a third party app that will let you do what you want, if not always as conveniently.
Thank you for responding. There are only four pictures that show up in the DCIM folder yet ther are a couple hundred on my iPad?

How do I get them onto the computer?
The photo stream on my iPad does not match the photo stream folder on my computer...even after syncing...
If they are not in the DCIM folder, or a subfolder within, then they've been synced via iTunes. Normally that means they are already on your computer.

If not, I usually use PhotoSync (no hyphen). This and the companion software for the computer will transfer photo between devices and computers. There are other methods, but I'm not familiar with them.

Hold in mind that photos synced via iTunes are usually of lesser quality than the originals that were on the computer. Retrieving photos from albums in the Photos app is a poor second choice from finding the originals.

Unless you're looking at the Photo Stream. That's a different kettle of fish. I know they can be synced via iCloud to a Windows computer (Vista or newer), but I don't know the details of how. I have a Mac. Otherwise you can save each one you care about to the camera roll in Photos on the iPad, then use the DCIM folder to copy them to the computer.
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Thank you for this suggestion, that app works great!!!

I was able to clear everything off of my iPad an now I'm working on my phone, I was able to transfer everything off of except what is in the photo library, I'll tackle that tonight.

Thanks again,

Thank you Andykeating even though I'm responding to a MAY 2010 post - your Sort Shots suggestion is exactly what I was looking for. Works well!!

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