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ATT Customer Service can not locate IPAD terms and conditions


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Jun 12, 2010
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I signed up for ATT G3 unlimited service for the IPAD this morning. As I registered I was required to check and approve the terms and conditions which are seen in a small window that you scroll down. I was in a hurry so I quickly glanced through it. The were many rules including not being allowed to down load from peer to peer services and instructions on how to settle disputes.

I now want a copy of the exact terms and conditions I approved. I could not locate them anywhere on AT&Ts web site. I spent 2 hours on the phone with AT&T representatives that could not locate them either. There are many terms and conditions listed on the AT&T web site but none are the same as the ones one sees when signing up for the service on the Ipad.

Does anyone have a copy of these or have any suggestions on how I can get them. How am I supposed to follow the terms and conditions if I can not even get a copy?
I two would like to have a copy of the terms and conditions that I read when signing up.

after a little over and hour on the phone and being passed to over 5 different departments I spoke with a lady that tried to give me the terms of service for content on the ATT website. I asked to speak with a supervisor and she kindly said she would get one on the line for me and put me on hold. After a few seconds she came back on the phone, pretended like she had asked the supervisor about it and said "sir your going to have to contact apple to get the terms and conditions for the iPad". I asked agian to please put the supervisor on the line and she said "Their are no supervisors, they are closed". I said didnt you just have a supervisor there with you that answered your question two seconds ago and now your saying they are closed? She then said yes they are closed, the supervisor that I asked was on his way out and is gone now.

I just hung up on her.
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In the terms and conditions that I read, it pretty much gave AT&T the right to have a problem with most of the apps that make the iPad so useful. My summary was that it was to be used for email and web browsing and anything else could be considered wrong. But I was tired, maybe I'm completely wrong. Basically, the typical CYA legal contract.

I think especially since the plans are iPad specific, and there's no native print capability upon agreement, ATT should provide a downloadable contract as well as a link to the information posted online.

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