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Apps for text forwarding?


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Dec 22, 2010
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So I know there are many apps in which you can text from the iPad. Honestly, I havent tried many of them, and I don't actually want to spend money to test some, so I come to you fellow users for advice.

The issue is that sometimes I may go to the bathroom, or be in the living room for an extended period of time, and not have my cell phone anywhere near me. What I want is an app that will:

1. forward texts from my phone to the iPad, but also be sent to my phone (my friend said that some of the apps may receive the message where the phone doesn't; I guess to avoid texting costs for those without a plan).

2. Let me reply to the message from the app, where the person receiving my message will be receiving it from my number. (many apps create a separate mobile number for texting, I don't want this).

3. (optional because I'm not sure if it's even possible) if I reply to a text from the app, send a copy of the text to the phone, so when I check my phone, the conversation will be the same as on my iPad.

Currently on an iPad 4.3.3 jailbroken and an HTC Inspire rooted phone.

Any help would be appreciated!
I've tried google voice, but this conflics with number 2, it creates a separate number. So the texted would actually text the GV number, it would appear on both my iPad and phone. But unless there is a way to change my GV number to my exact mobile number, I'm looking for something else...
I have been looking to do the same thing! Unfortunately I think we will have to wait for iOS5 :(
Pass it forward on the android market is what I use on my Incredible. It was free, sends to ipad, Tab and phone.
I can reply from any of the 3 devices. I've not tried to find out what number it replied from because the ones I text to already have my Text Now number on my Ipad and Heywire number on my Galaxy Tab.
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I just discovered that about an hour ago, it's great! I can forward my stuff to google voice or a text app, but I can't reply to them. So if I'm away from my phone I can still see what other people text me, but I can't reply to where they would recognize the number.

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