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Apple’s January convention to focus on iBooks and Publishing


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Jan 17, 2010
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New information leaked on the web seems to suggest that the upcoming NYC Apple event will be mainly focusing on iBooks and publishing. So if you were getting your hopes up – thinking that it will be all about the iPad 3 or Apple television, sorry for the disappointment. Sources close to Apple claimed that the company wants to reveal several improvements to the iBooks platform. So far, it seems that there will be minor changes.

The speculations about the iBooks and publishing industry for the event are not so far fetched since the whole thing will be hosted in New York and not back home in Cupertino, California.

Right now, iBooks are available for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Owners can buy books from the iBookStore. Additionally they can transfer their PDF files and ePub documents. The service is quite new, so it needs time and improvements to grow. One problem might be that iBooks are more expensive than Amazon books. It’s pretty clear that iBooks has a long way to go to reach the popularity of Kindle Fire and such. This event might indicate that Apple is ready to get things moving and give the new service a serious push.

Prior to the announcements made on sites such as TechCrunch, it was assumed that the event will have something to do with iAd – Apple’s mobile advertising solution. Apple acquired the mobile ad firm Quattro Wireless for the price of $276 million in 2010, which was then transformed into iAd, but never really gained any popularity. But things might change.

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