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Apple reduces the price of the original iPad Mini for the Indian market


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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Recently, Apple has demonstrated its intentions of expanding its reach to new markets, especially after Tim Cook and his team have finally managed to sign the iPhone deal with China Mobile, the world’s biggest carrier by the number of subscribers. After China, it seems that Apple is now targeting India, as the American company has decided to relaunch the 8GB version of the discontinued iPhone 4 to help grow market share in India. Now, new reports suggest that Apple is also slashing the price of its 2012 iPad mini, trying to garner good sales in the mid-range tablet market.

Manish Khatri, owner of popular electronics retail store Mahesh Telecom, revealed that Apple has cut the price of the iPad mini (Wi-Fi) by around $81 — bringing the total cost down to $274. As with smartphones, the country’s fast-growing market expansion for tablets in India has been largely fueled by low-cost Android devices. Apple is hoping that its reduced iPad prices — along with offers to buy via EMI (Easy Monthly Installment) and cash-back incentives — will help make it competitive to the middle class in a territory that will be the increasing focus of high tech companies in the coming years.

India, as well as as China, represent huge business opportunities for Apple, but there are many challenges, as well. Android devices are preferred by these two markets thanks to their low prices. Could Apple’s strategy in lowering the prices of older iOS devices work out or they are still expensive when compared to the Android counterparts?

Source: CultofMac

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