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Apple Launching Wellness Clinics For Staff


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple launching Wellness Clinics for Staff.JPG

Over the past few years we’ve seen how Apple has increasingly ventured into the health arena, with products such as the Apple Watch and iPhone frequently credited for saving the lives of users with heart problems, for example. Now it looks like Apple is set to take it further by launching a network of health clinics for its employees entitled “AC Wellness.”

According to CNBC, via MacRumors, Apple intends to launch AC Wellness as a primary care solution for its California-based employees.

Apple has yet to publicly announce these plans, but a website for AC Wellness has recently appeared that mentions a spring 2018 launch date, and which contains the following description, “AC Wellness is an independent medical practice dedicated to delivering compassionate, effective healthcare to the Apple employee population.”

A job posting on Indeed.com revealed further details about AC Wellness Network, stating that it would be taking care of Apple employees at Apple Wellness Centers in Santa Clara Valley, as well as opening “multiple, stunning state-of-the-art medical centers” in the vicinity, including at least one in Apple Park (that last bit of information comes from a LinkedIn job listing).

The AC Wellness website says that technology will play a big part in the “unique concierge-like healthcare experience for employees and their dependents.”

CNBC’s source says that aside from looking after Apple employees, the Wellness Centers will be testing facilities for Apple’s health-related products and services.

Source: Apple to launch 'AC Wellness' clinics for employees in spring, centers will serve as testing ground for health products

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