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Apple is Enabling Two-step Authentication to Protect Users of its iMessages and FaceTime


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Jun 22, 2012
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It took them a while, but Apple is finally enabling the two-step authentication security measure to help protect users of iMessages and FaceTime on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Therefore, Apple customers who have opted in to the two-step verification program will be asked to provide a one-time security code the next time they configure iMessage or FaceTime on a device. Apple introduced two-step verification as an opt-in feature in 2013 and it's now finally making it available.

Two-step verification is automatically enabled for existing two-step verification users and it will be triggered if they log out and log back in or sign in to their Apple ID on another device.

Apple also expanded two-step verification to iCloud.com last year and made it available in 59 countries at the beginning of this month. Rik Ferguson, vice president of security research at Trend Micro, said the following:

“It’s really great to see Apple extending its two-step authentication to cover more services, particularly person-to-person communication services such as these, which have been so widely abused in the past”

The two-step implementation uses codes sent via text message to a registered phone or the company’s Find My iPhone app. Also, you need to know that more than one phone number can also be associated to the account just in case one of them is lost or stolen.

Source: Apple

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