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Apple Inks Deals with TV Networks to Bring New Apple TV Service This Fall


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Jul 27, 2011
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If this latest report out of Apple is true, then the big cable companies are probably sweating bullets about now. Supposedly, Apple has finally had a break-through in their talks with many of the major TV networks. Apple inked a deal with ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, Disney, Discovery and ESPN that will allow them to bring a newly revamped Apple TV service with a full TV lineup later this fall. Apple’s Eddy Cue has even been spotted talking to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Patriots owner Bob Kraft at Allen & Company Sun Valley Conference. The speculation is that Apple is trying to get some kind of NFL deal going for the service as well.

The report indicates that this newly revamped Apple TV service, complete with major television networks, will supposedly cost between $10 and $40 per month, and the platform is already prepped and ready to go. It looks like Apple is set to disrupt the cable industry in 2015, by helping cord cutters break free from their draconian policies.

Source: NewYorkPost

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