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Apple Announces Exact Moment when it Will Start Taking Pre-orders for the Apple Watch


News Team
Jun 22, 2012
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As you well know, pre-orders for the Watch will kick off on April 10, but up until today, we didn't know the exact hour. Now Apple has made it official that it will start taking pre-orders for its first wearable device right after midnight on the West Coast at 12:01am Pacific Time on Friday, April 10, 2015.

Let's have a look at the full lineup of Watch pre-orders across some of the most important international markets:
  • Australia — April 10, 5:01pm AEST
  • Canada — April 10, 12:01am PT / 3:01 ET
  • China — April 10, 3:01pm
  • France — April 10, 9:01pm
  • Germany — April 10, 9:01pm
  • Hong Kong — April 10, 3:01pm
  • Japan — April 10, 3:01pm
  • United Kingdom — April 10, 8:01am
  • United States — April 10, 12:01am PT / 3:01am ET
The company has updated the Apple Watch sections of its international online stores, thus setting a precise pre-order hour. Just like with any iPhone or iPad launch, the first wave of markets to get the Apple Watch are Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Besides the online store, users will also be able to place pre-orders through the official Apple Store app for the iPhone and iPad. If you want, you can also purchase an AppleCare+ plan for the Watch; it will cost you $59 for the Apple Watch Sport version, $79 for Apple Watch and a whopping $999 for the Apple Watch Edition.

So, what are your plans regarding the Apple Watch? Are you ready to place a pre-order or you are waiting for the first reviews to kick in before making a decision? Leave your comment below and let us know what are your plans.

Source: Apple

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