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Apple Announces Black Friday Event


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Apple announces Black Friday sale.JPG

Apple may have completely opted out of the Black Friday crazyness last year, but AppleInsider reports that the company has reinstated the event this year, having just announced its special “one-day shopping event” for this Friday, November 25, complete with the strapline “Friday Can’t Come Soon Enough” and a tempting picture of an Apple Watch with the date highlighted.

As with most retailers, Apple is giving very little away prior to the event, but customers can most likely look forward to big discounts on Apple products, including the most popular items such as iPads and Macs.

At the moment, if you click on the Apple Black Friday page link below you’ll only see the welcome screen as far as the bargains are concerned, but the site also features links to Holiday Gifts collections for Apple products, with the message, “There’s an art to finding the perfect gift. And nothing can bring to life the passion and creativity of the people on your list like a gift from Apple.”

Included in the curated list of gift ideas are the iPhone 7, Apple Watch, iPad Pro, and MacBook, all with suitably festive and wintry decorations.

Sources: Apple to hold one-day Black Friday sales event after skipping 2015

One-Day Shopping Event

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