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black friday

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    Apple Pencil generation 1 price increase Black Friday

    Did anyone else notice that the Apple Pencil generation 1 suddenly increased in price by £20 overnight on Black Friday?
  2. M

    Apple Giving Away Gift Cards in Black Friday Event

    MacRumors reports that Apple is holding a special Black Friday event in many locations around the world today, where it is giving away Apple Store gift cards for amounts up to $150 or CA$200 (or local equivalent) to customers who purchase certain Apple goods. The select offers are available in...
  3. M

    Apple Announces Black Friday Event

    Apple may have completely opted out of the Black Friday crazyness last year, but AppleInsider reports that the company has reinstated the event this year, having just announced its special “one-day shopping event” for this Friday, November 25, complete with the strapline “Friday Can’t Come Soon...