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App update question


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Jul 14, 2011
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We are currently buying some Ipad's for our business for our heavy travelers. When we first get the Ipad we will tie it to our business Itunes account and load some apps for the user like numbers and pages. But, when we give it to the user we are going to tie it to their own Itunes account. My question is when updates come out for the apps that were provided from our Business Itunes account, will the user get the update without us having to login as the Business Itunes account?
Short answer = no.

The app is tied to the account that bought it. This includes updates (and a password has to be used to load the updates).

The user will have to log out of their personal iTunes account, the business's IT/app take-care-of person will then have to log in to the iPad to load the updates.

I know that schools have docking stations to make changes, but I am unsure how that works for those with allowances to have personal accounts on their iPads. May work - but also may be a bit cumbersome...


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