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Another Newbie Needing Guidance!


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Oct 20, 2010
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I've been getting to know my first ipad all week. Also been lurking around here in the forum. So much great information. I should have taken a week's vacation from work just to absorb it all!

I haven't seen an answer to what I need in the way of a calendar. I've been spoiled by Calendar Creator on my PC. I put in someone's birthday and when it repeats each year it tells you how old the person is...Sam's 3rd birthday, Sam's 4th birthday. If I enter a long description, it wraps and prints the entire thing.

Is their a calendar app that will do this for me? I need to be able to sync with my computer so I can print out each month. Without a printed calendar on my refrigerator my family will fall apart!:(

The app I purchased sync's very well with Google Calendars, but doesn't do what I need.

Any Suggestions are greatly appreciated!:D

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