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Alien Shooter TD Out Now


iPadForums News Team
Jun 7, 2010
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Alien Shooter TD out now.JPG

Alien Shooter TD is exactly what it says on the tin—a blend of shooter and tower defence gameplay. The latest instalment in the best-selling Alien Shooter franchise is available from today in the App Store.

Blood-thirsty monsters roam the earth, placing it in deadly peril. It’s up to you, as the commander of a specialized platoon of elite warriors, to help save the earth by protecting your towers.

You command an army where each soldier is customizable with skills, abilities, weapons and upgrades. You can even send your soldiers to camp to practice their combat skills. Your free download of the game includes seven character classes with unique characteristics.

Hundreds of weapons are also available for you to equip your troops with. The weapons can be upgraded and can also be disassembled and exchanged for currency or auxiliary supplies. You can use supply drones to restock your team’s munitions, which include landmines and bombs. However, you’ll have to take great care not to waste your ammo, as in order to make the game more realistic, Sigma Team has ensured that each type of weapon only has limited munitions stock.

After downloading the game, you’ll also recieve daily supply crates including ammunition, weapons, coins, and much more.

Click here to download for free: Alien Shooter TD on the App Store

Source: Sigma-Team

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