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Airplay Streams to Mac


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Aug 24, 2010
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When this last version of iOS came out with Airplay I was a bit disappointed it only streamed to Apple TV and mentioned in another thread...

"-I wish Airplay would stream to my Mac Mini instead of just Apple TV (Some third party will probably fix this soon)"

That 3rd party just put out an app that will stream content from your iOS device to your Mac.

This is a beautiful thing for those of us who have our home media centers based around a Mac Mini.

While Apple's AirPlay feature introduced in iOS 4.2 allows users to stream certain video content from their iOS devices to the new Apple TV, users have been wondering if the service will ever be extended to allow content to be streamed to their Macs in a similar fashion. In addressing the question of whether such an implementation would be difficult, TUAW's Erica Sadun has put together an alpha version of a Mac OS X application known as "AirPlayer" that does exactly that.

AirPlay Reverse Engineered to Send Video From iOS Devices to Macs - MacRumors Forums

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