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Air will not sync photos from computer


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Mar 30, 2017
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I have an iPad Air, an iPad Air 2, and an iPad Pro. All are set to sync the same, and the only one that I have an issue with is the iPad Air. I run on a Windows 7 computer and sync through iTunes All 3 iPads have update 10.3 on them. The photos that I sync are a series of folders contained under one folder within my Documents folder.

Here's the issue. I changed some of the folders with the main folder, and moves a bunch of files around. And when I attempt to sync the Air it does not change the folders, or add any. The other 2 iPads are fine. in iTunes it will say "reading photos from "Pics for Ipad"", and stay there for quite a while, but when I go into the photos app nothing has changed. I also attempted to unsync the folder, and it didn't remove the photos. My last option, that I can think of at least, is to do a full reset and start over, but I really don't want to do that if I don't have to.

Does anyone have any ideas why I would have this issue on only 1 of 3 iPads? Thanks in advance!

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