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A solution for those who want to print from iPad


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Mar 15, 2010
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Air share HD works great and you can even print things you left at home.


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Feb 7, 2010
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Im both happy and miffed, I paid for the other app from this same developer prior to seeing this new one. So similar in fact its only missing this one key thing,(that I noticed initially) printing to a network shared printer without having to use the WePrint server, which you can still use as well if you like with this version.

There should be a free upgrade to the app if you already paid for the previous version, whether the dev split it into a new app or not. I'm seeing way too much of this going on already in the app store. Actually its about 50/50, some apps do allow upgrades and some push you over to a newer version with one small change like this one, otherwise its the same version as Print n Share. (after writing this far I see the developers comparison chart of all their apps and see that this version has 4 features that are new.)

I'm not trying to be difficult, but the way I see it, if the app is so similar in looks, features and function, its the same app and adding a new feature shouldn't open it to new fees and charges, its more of an update not an entirely new app. On the other hand, if the same dev makes a new app with new features or functions that has a new interface or layout (not a cookie cutter of the app before it with only new colors and 4 updates) I would pay the asking price with no questions.

This only becomes a concern of mine after adding up all the apps that I previously purchased, only to have discarded them at a later date due mainly to their creators changing a few things and adding them to an existing product and changing its name. I expect to see some changes over a long period of time as products become more beneficial and with an additional price attached, but at least they wouldn't encumber my wallet near as much.

Another good point is in app purchase, many of these types of "updates" could be made as an in app purchase and keep the same app installed just update it, not ending up owning several of similar apps at a much larger price difference than if an in app purchase or upgrade was done instead.

Hey, I have software I still store from years back in the start of x86 days that I paid for and can no longer use.
It's just sad to see this occurring so rampant in the app store, when earlier on the app versions made much more sense, but now this path clogs it up at a much faster rate than just updating software not discarding it.

If I wish to update my car or maintenance it, I pay the shop fee, but I don't pay for a whole new car.

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