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3G Data Usage - After A Month of Experience


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Apr 17, 2010
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Martinez, CA
Just wanted to throw my 2 cents in as it relates to the new data plans. The spread of the two data plans from AT&T is really odd. I can burn through 200MB in less than two weeks, and that's with nothing but web browsing and e-mails. 2GB is about twice what I will ever use, since I only use 3G at work and mostly rely on wifi.

So in my situation the only real choice is either no 3G or the $25 plan. I know there is an option to stick with unlimited, and I guess at $5 a month it's not that expensive to hold onto, but I honestly can't see myself ever going over the 2GB threshold. So why not save $60 a year?

At least that appears to be true based on my actual usage patters which I suspect will be more common than not.


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Before I bought the iPad, i decided that $360/yr was an acceptable price to pay for all the data that my iPad could consume. I do not think that $300/yr is an acceptable price for a limited monthly data which I have demonstrably exceeded.
I used 3.7 gigs this month. Thats mostly from streaming Pornhub and cam4 using cloud browse. But whatever, steve promised unlimited data and we got the shaft. So now my priority is to stream youtube and pornhub as much as I can to see if I can break 5 gig a month.
I'm a little confused regarding the posts above - excluding mine :)

I'm assuming you have an iPad now. Given that, you can just keep your $30 unlimited plan.

If you haven't gotten an iPad yet, I can possibly understand your frustration, however you do have today and tomorrow to buy one (assuming they are in stock in your area) and you can still get the unlimited plan.

Let me know if I missed something.
I don't believe that AT&T will continue to grandfather the unlimited data plan for the iPad. I believe that I'll have to chose among more expensive and less adequate plans before the warranty Is up.
I only used 543MB last month, so I am thinking the 2GB for $25 is better then unlimited for $30.

OTOH, I think it's rather sneaky of them to make this change 1 month after the 3G came out.

What can we do though? Were at the mercy of the carriers, who can (and do) whatever they want.
I used 3 gig the first month, and I wasn't streaming anything! I rarely even look at video, as I'm on Edge, and it's too slow for that. So I won't be getting rid of my unlimited.

However, being able to get rid of it, then go back, was part of the sales pitch!

I also have had iPhones since day one, so I have unlimited there, but I've been waiting on authorized tethering, and now find out that to get it, I have to give up my unlimited and go to the new pricing. :(
I have my 3G now a little over a week and I used about 250MB on 3G, which brings my to my plan (1GB/month for €9.90).

But so far I just downloaded a few songs, music videos and the usual stuff like email and surfing the web.

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