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  1. M

    YouTube Rolling Out Dark Mode for iOS App

    TechCrunch reports today that according to Reddit users, via MacRumors, YouTube is finally rolling out its recently introduced dark mode to its iOS apps. The dark mode first appeared last spring on the desktop version of YouTube as part of its overall redesign and speedier framework. According...
  2. M

    YouTube Working on a Fix for Battery Drain Issue With iOS App

    AppleInsider reports today that YouTube, which is owned by Google, has told customers that it is currently looking into a bug in its iOS app that is leading to very heavy battery drain on both iPads and iPhones, even when the app is running in the background. YouTube announced that it is...
  3. Ashleigh E

    YouTube videos play out of sync on iPad

    I'm having an issue where I upload a video to YouTube, and the sound slowly falls out of sync when watching on iPad. I've tried everything I can think of (re-uploading, changing the bit-rate and the frame rates) but to no avail. Without fail, every time, the video will fall out of sync. This is...
  4. M

    YouTube App Gets Instant iMessage Video Sharing With New iOS Update

    YouTube has today updated its iOS app with a new sharing feature whereby you can much more easily share YouTube videos directly via the Messages app, writes 9to5 Mac. Prior to today’s update, when you sent someone a YouTube video in Messages, they’d have to click on a link in order to view the...
  5. M

    Google Announces YouTube TV

    Recode writes that Google has today unveiled its new YouTube TV platform, which will cost $35 per month to use and which will feature a bundle of channels from both broadcast networks and cable networks. The new service will have its own app, which is due to launch later in the spring, and...
  6. M

    No back arrow on Youtube app...?

    There is no back arrow in the you tube app. Annoying if you want to reverse and revisit a previous page. Using iPad Pro. Any thoughts?
  7. lppzzyy

    YouTube Comments Section Not Appearing

    The YouTube comments section isn't loading on my iPad Air for some reason. I'm accessing YouTube through Safari and have tried closing and opening Safari yet it hasn't solved the problem. Does anybody have a way to solve this?